Zhonghua Group
The central valley of cotton

Real estate


Years ago, the group has begun to develop real estate projects, such as, hotel, tourist projects in Qingyuan, Hubei and wenZhou.
Our main branch companies in real estate field: Guangdong Zhonglun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Tianyi Real Estate Project, Huihua Property Management Company, Wenzhou Keyi Company, Hubei Runqi Investment Co., Ltd.
Our land storage has reached over 1500 mu. And we have participated in the development of many projects, such as, 300 mu Qingyuan Huanan Decoration City Project, Zhonglun Donghaian Project, Qingxin Project, Hubei Qianjiang Ecological Longxiacheng Project, Hubei Qianjiang Zhonglun International Trade Center Project, Zhejiang Wenzhou International Trade Center Project.